New York Short Film Festival 2016

New York Short Film Festival (NYSFF) l is preparing for a fabulous festival of independent short filmmaking. The New York City Short Film Festival (NYC Shorts) is an international competitive short film festival created by filmmakers and dedicated to the short form. In 2016, NYC Shorts will celebrate its 12th annual edition. It will be showcasing short films from around the world on –


Time of Event –-

4th of November to 10th of November, 2016

Location for Event —

It will be held at one of Manhattan’s best independent cinemas, the Cinema Village in Greenwich Village. It will be showcasing the best of, short filmmaking from around the world. The NYSFF celebrates indie films and filmmakers.

The New York Short Film Festival is open to international short films in one of the following categories –

1.Best Short Film
2.Best Experimental Short Film
3.Best Short Documentary
4.Best Animated Short Film
5.Best Short Film
6.Best Sci-Fi Short Film
7.Best Horror Short Film
8.Best Music Video

For the best short film, the audience votes matter a lot.  The audience votes for its favorite films in each screening.  In its 12 year history, New York has screened shorts from all over the world and had the filmmakers in attendance from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Mexico, South Africa, Israel, Canada, Italy and more.

Some important points regarding the submission of films –

  1. All films must be under 50 minutes in length.
  2. The festival prioritizes low-budget films of independent spirit and exciting new talent.
  3. Only digital submission of movies is required. No hard copy submissions will be accepted.
  4. Film submissions are preferred via Withoutabox or Film Freeway.

10 Finalist movies for 2016 New York Short Film Festival are–

  1. I am a pencil – An Australian movie, Animated & Directed by: Joe D’Arcy
  2. The Tunnel – Norway movie , Written & Directed by: André Øvredal
  3. Bravoman – Russian movie, Directed by Evelina Barsegian
  4. Kaputt – German movie, Directed by Volker Schlecht & Alexander Lahl
  5. Hold On – Netherlands, Directed by Charlotte Scott-Wilson
  6. Overtime – Australian movie, Directed by: Craig D. Foster
  7. Gorilla – France, Written & Directed by: Tibo Pinsard
  8. The journey of the Enigmatic Paul W.R – France, Directed by: Romain Quirot
  9. Carousal – England, Written & Directed by: Kal Weber
  10. Ella gets a Promotion? – USA, Directed by: Richard Diaz & Mike Pusateri

Festivals in the film industry are considered and valued as the most explosive avenue for growing contacts and careers internationally. This type of festival basically aims for the creation of this same socialization, sharing and support – online.

The platform provides filmmakers with the technology to plan and distribute their films to film festivals internationally while providing programmers with the technology to make their festival program selection


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