Past & Recent Trends in Hip Hop Fashion

hip-hop-fashionHip hop fashion is basically a different, unique kind of Hip Hop clothing style. It is also known as big fashion. Hip-hop fashion is not just fashionable clothes and funky accessories, loud colors and unique jewelry. It has more other things also like self expression. It also includes art form.  Hip Hop fashion has changed a lot from during its history and today. Now a day, each city contributed various elements to its overall style seen worldwide.

History of Hip Hop Fashion –
Hip Hop fashion has actually grown from Street wear. Street wear is a distinctive style of street fashion that is rooted in Californian surf and skate culture.  It was originated from African American, Latin and other inner city and later on followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Memphis, Virginia, Atlanta, St. Louis etc.

1980’s Hip Hop Fashion:  Tracksuits and neon colored leather jackets were in fashion. Accessories were like oversized sunglasses called Gazelles, Kangol bucket hats, four-finger rings to name plates, name belts and large gold ring etc.

1990’s Hip Hop Fashion:  The popular trend of the 90s was the Starter jackets. On the east coast Timberland boots were a major trend. The Gangsta style consisted of Dickies pants, a bandanna and Chuck Taylor tennis shoes also becomes very famous.  In that era Red, green and black colors became very popular.

Hip Hop Fashion 2016 –
Hip-hop fashion has been changing the face of the fashion industry at the present time. This change in the fashion industry is actually for good. Social media is playing a great role for the advancement in Hip Hop fashion Industry. Even over a television nowadays, You can see different styles of hip-hop influenced clothing or hearing music that is inspired by it. Today hip-hop fashion is reaching several forefronts with gracing runways from New York City to Milan, Italy. Here are some very renowned Hip Hop fashion artists like Kimora Lee Simmons, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Lopez, Sean Combs, and Russell Simmons.

Hip Hop Fashion Trends –
Hip Hop fashion is basically related to clothing trend, but we cannot speak of fashion trends without mentioning some other trends related with it. These are like –

•    Hair Styles – For women, Hair style also matters a lot specially regarding Hip Hop fashion. There are some stars who introduced the new totally unique hair styles. Stars such as Rihanna, Cassie and Kelis are one of them who set the new trend of the half-shaven head.
•    Tattoos – Another popular trend regarding Hip Hop fashion is Tattoos. The tattoos covering the face and the head have also become increasing popular. Some artists had set some examples Birdman ‘Baby’ Williams, who has a star tattoo on the crown of his head. Another such artists  are Gucci Mane, who has an ice cream tattoo on his right cheek and Lil Wayne has got tattoos over his eyelids and forehead


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