Hip Hop Dancing – Get Fit With Hip Hop Dance Classes

hip-hop-dance-classHip-hop dance is a form of dance that is basically performed to hip-hop music. Hip Hop dance is a process of isolating the different body parts and then control and move them as you want. Hip Hop dance classes help to practice different Hip Hop dance moves. Hip-hop dance is practiced in both dance studios and outdoor spaces. Hip Hop dance classes are the perfect place to learn this dance form.

Why we need Hip Hop Dance Classes –

Hip Hop dance classes aims at training of dance, it provides a perfect environment for learning. Hip Hop dancing has various positive points that we can adapt through such Hip Hop dance classes. Following are some benefits of Hip Hop Dance –

•    Hip-Hop dancing helps to have a healthy heart – As we all know that nowadays due to hectic work schedule, heart diseases are increasing. Most of the people are not getting time for exercise. Hip Hop dancing helps in heart pumping. This is a great form of cardiovascular (CV) exercise that keeps us healthy.

•    Helps to built up the stamina – Hip Hop dancing is the perfect way to boost up the stamina. Through its training and practice we can get a lot of benefits related with our health. While dancing you will not even notice that how long you have been doing this exercise. This is a type of fun combined with healthy workout.

•    Helps to have a positive mind – Hip Hop dance classes develop a positive environment to enhance learning capabilities. It creates positivity all around when we truly start learning what we want to. As hip hop dance is a form of exercise and exercise is a great way to keep your mind in shape.

•    Hip Hop dancing helps to burn off calories – While dancing, a range of movements helps to burn off the unwanted calories in no time. You can lose your weight while enjoying the dance. Hip Hop dance classes provide entertainment with a lot of health benefits.

Hip Hop dance classes offer the following dance styles –

Hip Hop dance comprises of different free styles that include movements of body any rhythmic exercise. Through proper classes Hip Hop dance moves are easy to learn.

•    Krumping – Krumping has four basic moves- jabs, arm swings, chest pops, and stomps. This dance form is very popular among younger performers.
•    Popping – It combines motions, isolation and miming to the beat. Moonwalk is the example of Popping.
•    Locking – Locking can be better describes by a sudden pauses or freezes. Its most popular move is the Scoo-B-Doo and Floor Sweep.
•    B-boying or breaking – This style of Hip Hop dance is the most famous style. It is basically performed within a circle.

Hip Hop dance classes should be encouraged as this is a learning place of this amazing dance style. It is suggested that we should first pay attention to the footwork and timing of the step and then add our own styling to it. With proper training and practice everybody can enjoy Hip Hop dancing.


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