Greatest Rap Songs of Year 2013

rap-songs-2013The word “hip-hop” combines different things and “Rap Music” is a synonym for Hip Hop music. Rap song is a sort of “rhythmic words” and rhymes to a beat. Out of those rhymes and words, Rap songs are created. It was firstly formed in 1970 and with time its style has changed a lot. But it still remains, a form of expression is that based on words.

Here is the list of Popular Rap Songs 2013 –

Meek Mill “Lil Nigga Snupe” (Verse 2)

Album Name: Dreamchasers 3

This was one of the Popular Rap Songs 2013 and very popular also. Meek Mill always seems like changing his energy level during his singing. He always sounds like he is shouting. His unique way and flow is what people like the most about him. While working on Dreamchasers 3, it seems like he has raised his voice on some notes for different reason than usual. Here the rapper is hurt and helpless while being the angry and impatient too. “Lil Nigga Snupe” as a popular rap song 2013, is a typical rap song about a fallen friend. Aggression comes off and feels painful to listen. We can feel the expressions of violence.

•    Big Sean “All Me”

Album Name: Nothing Was the Same

In the year of 2013, Big Sean came on the top of Rap game. His image was quite different as a rapper before that. With his popular rap song 2013 “All Me”, he earned his respect back. It was a great time of change for him. He was being able to speak up on a new level of honesty about some of his relationships in his life. He manages to take center stage from Drake and 2 Chainz here.

Lyrics are like –
I’m really stepping up my game
These bitches gotta start paying me for this
Can’t get no more free Randy
Got everything, I got everything
I cannot complain, I cannot

•    Chance the Rapper “Paranoia” (Verse 2)

Album: Acid Rap

There is a straight forwardness to the rhymes of this song that are coming out as an artistic standpoint. Artist here is asking questions after observing all the conditions around him. It contains words that are very powerful in its directness. It makes this song very popular rap song 2013.

Lyrics are like –
Ten damn days
And all I got to show for it is shoes and shows and chauffeurs with road rage
Still the same damn ad-lib: IGH!, old ways
Still gotta letterman, no practice
Still gotta burner man, no lacking

•    Killer Mike “Sea Legs”

Album: Run the Jewels

“Sea legs” song from the album “Run the Jewels” is one of the very popular rap songs 2013. A song ending verse merges the views of society with his principles.

Lyrics are like –
Really fell out the lane with this shit
Man, print this shit: I’m a misfit
Got a style from the guts of the most irrational beast in the district
Born to the next gen system
Slow water drip to the temple to live in a prison
When the walls don’t appear to your vision

•     Childish Gambino “Pound Cake (Freestyle)”

Donald Glover performed under the stage name Childish Gambino. In his few songs, he reinforces his talents as a rapper and a singer. Audience was just crazy about this Freestyle “Pound Cake Freestyle”

Lyrics are like –
Let ’em speak, I know I’m meek but the mils louder
Watch the throne, kings kill when the prince feels power
It’s the real deal, Holyfield, holy shit, holy grail

•    Tyler, the Creator “Rusty”

Album: Wolf

The creator was a very quick creation. With this, the California native became a cultural icon from unknown talent. “Rusty” is one of the popular rap songs 2013, with the release of “wolf” it sets a new record in the world of rap music.

The year 2013 has been a great year for rap music. 2013 was a year of many popular rap songs. In this year, many rappers returned into form and 2013 is also known as the year of new comers. Newcomers like Chance the Rapper and savvy veterans like Killer Mike.



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