Hip Hop Opera – Western Classic Music with Rap


Hip Hop Opera is also known as Hip Hopera. Sometimes it can be called as a rap opera or urban opera also. This is basically opera music in hip hop style. Opera is western classic music and hip hop is rap music, its combination is known as Hip Hop Opera. Hip hopera has gain popularity among new generation. It was firstly used in an album known as the “Volume 10”.

Opera is like an art form that combines text and musical aspects in a theatrical setting. Opera singers basically do two type of singing. These two types of singing is as follows —

  • Recitative – This is a kind of speech inflected style
  • Arias – This is known as a melodic style

Opera is a part of western classic music and it was started in 16th century. It was started in Italy for the first time.

Hip Hop Opera film

Hip hop opera was used in the first dramatic production in the year of 2001. The film was titled as Carmen. It was directed by Robert Townsend. Carmen is a musical film that was produced by MTV for televisions.

Hip Hop Opera album

In the year of 1997, Hip hopera was found on Bounty Killer’s single entitled “Hip-Hopera” . It was also used in the Fugees album “Besides”, in the year of 2007.

A very famous verse in Hip-Hop Opera is –
Through the temples of doom
Somehow we managed to bloom
Like blossoms.

5 very famous Hip Hop Opera mashups are as follows  –

  • Kelis: “Like You” – Mozart’s The Magic Flute

In the year of 2003, Kelis’s song  “Milkshake” just became the song of the year. She had continuously expanded her talent and grace.  Her album named as “Kelis Was Here” was really impressive.  She has featured the magic flute in her beautiful song “Like You”.  It has made it more amazing and impressive.

Lyrics of this song are like –

Your appearance turn me on
Your natural self, its really coming on strong
There’s not too many dudes that catch my eye
But if you stick around I ll give you a slice of the pie

  • Nas: “I Can” – Beethoven’s Fur Elise

“I Can” was the big hit of year 2003. It is like an anthem, featuring the kids chanting “I know I can/be what I wanna be.”  It was not his first contribution for classical music form. His 2000 collaboration was with Puff Daddy, “Hate Me Now”. It was also a great hit.

Lyrics are like –

I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard it)
I’ll be where I wanna be (I’ll be where I wanna be)

  • Warren G and Sissel: “Prince Igor”

“The Rapsody Overture” was the most ambitious Hip Hop Opera album ever. It was released in 1997, by Def Jam and Mercury records. Hip hop stars and opera singer was combined for its production. This album was No.1 hit with “Prince Igor.“

Lyrics are like –

Fly on the wings of the wind
to the homeland, our home song
where we sang freely loving
where me and you felt so freely

  • Dr. Octogon: “Blue Flowers” (Bela Bartok’s Violin Concerto No. 2)

The “Blue Flowers,” Was actually the first movement of Bela Bartok’s Violin concerto No.2.

Lyrics are like –

“Let me show you somethin'”
“Let me show you somethin'”
Dr. Octagon paramedic fetus of the East
With priests I’m from the Church of the Operating Room

  • Nas: “Regeneration” (Beethoven, Mozart and Vivaldi)

The “Regeneration”  was a great hit of Nas. It is an awesome Hip Hop Opera music.

Lyrics are like –

Composer; dj Premier
Maestro; Sir Nas
Nas in the building
Premier’s in the building
This is how we redefine, the music
Let’s go

These are some popular Hip Hop Opera music tracks with its lyrics. Hip Hopera is a great form of music in musical industries. This rap music with western classic touch is amazing and getting popular among music lovers.


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