Some of the Famous Hip Hop Graffiti Artist

graffiti-artists1Graffiti is an art form. It is basically writing or drawing that is painted or scribbled. It is created normally in public views. There are various popular graffiti artists who contributed in amazing art forms. Graffiti art started from New York City. In modern time artists uses paint and marker pens for graffiti art. Graffiti artists are still doing its best each day to introduce new arts.  Graffiti art is a great way to express political as well as social messages.

Some popular graffiti artists are as follows –

  • Zephyr

Zephyr is a very popular New York City graffiti artist who is the inventor of various styles.  Zephyr is a lecturer and author also. He began graffiti art in the year of 1975. Zephyr is considered as graffiti elder. We can see his work in Hip Hop culture documentary “Style wars”. He is also the co author of a 2001 biography of graffiti artists.

  • Phase 2

Phase 2 is one of the most influential graffiti artist. He was born as Lonny Wood and later on known as Phase 2. He started his carrier in graffiti art in the year of 1971 by tagging his name across the city. He has marked his appearance in graffiti art world by using his bubble letter signatures. He is popular for the creation of bubble letters graffiti. In the year of 1986, phase 2 became the art director of international get Hip times.

  • Lee Quinones

George Lee Quinones is a very famous American street artist from Manhattan. He became popular because of his subway graffiti art. He started his carrier as a graffiti artist in the year of 1974. He is also known as the first graffiti artist who introduced the graffiti to the rest of the world. He was the one to display his work worldwide in early 1980s.

  • Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf is an American artist who lives in Los Angeles. In starting, His work was greatly inspired by Hanna Barbera cartoon characters. He was born in 1958 and became renowned for his work in the year of 1980. His work was displayed as a Solo Exhibition at the hammer museum in Los Angeles. He is one of the greatest Graffiti artists.

  • Blade

Blade has got the title of the “King of Graffiti “. He is an artist who has made graffiti art more popular in 1970s. He starts his carrier as a graffiti artist in 1972 and decided to use original characters. . In 1980 he chooses subway trains for his graffiti art, further he moved to paint canvases. He is the developer of various classic graffiti art styles.  His work was included in the ‘Art In The Streets’ show at MOCA in LA and Brooklyn Museum in New York.

  • Lady Pink

Lady Pink is known as one of the greatest female street artists from Queens, New York. When she lost her love then she took her grief to the streets. She was born in 1964 and her name was Sandra Fabara. She started tagging her lost love’s name using spray paints across New York.  “Femmes-Fatales”, was Her first solo show, that was performed in the year of 1984. It was organized at the Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia.

  • Daze

Daze has provided powerful record for an amazing era of graffiti art. He is also known as Chris Ellis, who belongs to a popular group of New York graffiti artists. Daze is a great inspiration for other Graffiti artists all over the world. Like all other artists Daze also started exhibiting his works in galleries across the globe. Due to his amazing graffiti art style he is in the is a very renowned graffiti artist.

  • Seen

Seen is known as the Godfather of Graffiti. His real name is Richard Mirando, considered as one of the best known Graffiti artist. He was one of the first street artists who took the street art into commercial galleries. In the year of 1980, he had an exhibition of his artwork in a group. He is widely recognized for his bright color lettering and cartoon characters.

These are some famous graffiti artists who have great contribution in the world of Graffiti art.


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