Hip Hop Kemp 2017 in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic

hip-hop-kemp-1Hip Hop Kemp is the very popular and the largest hip hop festival. This also ranks as one of the best festivals in the world. Hip Hop Kemp is being celebrated in the Central and Eastern Europe. Recently it has announced its 15th anniversary. CNN has announced 50 best festivals in the world and Hip Hop Kemp is one of them. This is one of the greatest events for Hip Hop lovers. With the increasing popularity of Hip Hop culture, this festival also becomes famous. This is the best entertaining Hip Hop festival that Hip Hop fans just love a lot.  Because of its popularity CNN has included this festival in the top 50 festivals all over the world. Hip Hop lovers and rappers all over the world love to be a part of this fest. Every year, more than 20 thousand fans and rap stars from all over the world visit this feast of rap. They all enjoy being a part of Hip Hop Kemp festival.

This festival combines various top hip hop acts with fantastic surroundings. It also contains a break dance stage that makes it more exciting. Hip Hop Kemp is actually a three-day party, people from all over the worlds comes to celebrate it. No doubt, this festival is worth traveling for. This festival has an amazing atmosphere every time. Local people get a chance to enjoy the live music that normally they cannot.

History of Hip Hop Kemp

The Hip Hop Kemp festival was held in the year of 2002, for the first time.  In the beginning, the main activities of these festivals were breaking dance battles and graffiti. In starting time the use of complicated technologies was less. Canadian and American groups were also invited to take participate in Hip Hop Kemp festival.

In the year of 2004, this festival moves to a further stage. It was moved to larger open spaces in Hradec Kralove that is on the shores of Lake Silbersee.

Since 2005, this festival has been held on the former Soviet airfield. Soviet airfield offers ideal conditions for several venues and stages.

Hip Hop Kemp 2017

hip-hop-kempThe year 2017 will celebrate the 16th Hip Hop Kemp anniversary. Like always, this festival aims to provide the best entertainment and sport activities to the visitors. Hip Hop fans are really excited for its upcoming Hip Hop Kemp festival.

VIP Zone under Hip Hop Kemp

VIP tickets are available for Hip Hop Kemp festival. The VIP Zone provides free entry to the fun stage to enjoy a better view. There are also possibilities for VIP zone to meet with performers.  The VIP Zone can also access the bar, live stream and glamorous after party with DJs. There is a special VIP camp that has special advantages and facilities for VIP Zone.

* Benefits of VIP tickets –

– VIP tickets are considered as the faster tickets that provides faster admission to the venue. It saves the time of the long admission process.

– If a person is having a VIP ticket, then she/he will be able to get free entry to all festival flush toilets. Otherwise, you have to pay for using toilets there.

* VIP camp facilities in Hip Hop Kemp festival –

– In VIP camp, there is no need to pay any further fees for the camp site, shower, etc. everything will be included in VIP ticket.

– There will be facilities like solid flush toilets, solid showers with hot water under the VIP camp. VIP camps provide comfort for guests.

– Pretty well wash-basin and mirrors are available in each toilet and shower cabin of VIP camps.

– VIP camps provide various facilities. It provides nonstop service to guests. Everything that is required for comfort will be available there.

– There are good parking possibilities close to the camp, but you have to pay separately for that. (Parking to be paid separately)

– Security is the mail focus in VIP camps. It provides special security features to its guests.

– VIP camp’s lighting systems are always great with beautiful effects.

–  Special attention is being given to cleaning all the time. Regular camp cleaning helps to avoid all kinds of discomfort and provides a peaceful stay there.


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